Stanislaus Regional Transit - How to Use the Fare Box

How to Use the Fare Box

Step 1
Before placing your fare in the fare box, please inform the driver if you are eligible for a discounted fare (Seniors 65 & older, and Person w/Disability). If you need a transfer please inform the driver.

Step 2
Insert bills and coins here. The fare box accepts $1, $2, $5, $10 and $20 bills, as well as U.S. coins, including $1 coins. If you insert more than the price of the fare, the fare box will issue a change card with your balance.

Step 3
Collect change card here.
Cash Fare for FareBox
 Fare Cards
General Fare, Senior/Disabled, $5 Fast Fare. $10 Fast Fare, 20-Ride Card, Medivan, Medivan Attendant, Change Card and Transfers.

Step 1
Insert your card here.

Step 2
Retrieve your card here and check the back for the number of remaining rides or card balance. All single use tickets will be labeled "expired".
How to Use Tickets with the Fare Box
 31-Day Pass
Step 1
To activate your pass the first time, "dip" your pass here. Your expiration date will be printed on the back.

Step 2
Once your pass is activated, swipe it here on all remaining future rides.
How to Use the 31-Day Pass in the Fare Box
Do not wrinkle, fold or tear your card. Do not expose to the sun. Do not write on or laminate your card.
Damaged cards will not be replaced and are non-refundable.
Children age five (5) and under ride free when accompanied by a paying adult. Two children age 5 and under may ride free for each paid adult fare. Minimum age for a child without adult supervision is nine (9) years old. Children eight (8) and under must be accompanied by someone sixteen (16) years or older.

For more information on the types of Fare Cards and Passes available, Please Click Here.


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