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Shuttles, Dial-A-Ride, & Runabout (reservation required) Policies
 How to Schedule a Ride on a Shuttle, Runabout or Dial-A-Ride 
Call 1-800-262-1516. For curb-to-curb service, customers may call and make reservations up to seven (7) days in advance. We recommend that passengers call no later than of four (4) hours before the ride. Your request will be filled on a time and space available basis. The earlier you call to schedule your ride will improve your ability to receive a ride. Please be ready to go fifteen (15) minutes before your scheduled pick-up time.

Minimum Age Requirements
- Children age five (5) and under ride free when accompanied by a paying adult. Two children age 5 and under may ride free for each paid adult fare. Minimum age for a child without adult supervision is nine (9) years old. Children eight (8) and under must be accompanied by someone sixteen (16) years or older.

Please have the following nine items of information ready when you call to schedule your first Dial-A-Ride or curb-to-curb Runabout ride:

  • Name (last, first, and middle)
  • Birth date
  • Sex (male or female)
  • Home address
  • Mailing address (if different from home address)
  • Telephone number
  • Mobility aids you use (e.g., cane walker, wheelchair)
  • Emergency contact person
  • Major trip purposes (e.g., work, education, doctor, therapy, recreation, etc.).

The information will only be used to help us serve you. The information will help us keep track of your rides and to make sure you are receiving good service. This information is required of all riders. You only need to give the information at the time of your first appointment. After that, you only have to tell us your name.

Thereafter when scheduling a reservation, please have the following ready:

  • Desired time for pick-up, or appointment time
  • Time for return pick-up (if required)
  • Address of pick-up
  • Address of drop-off
  • Number of passengers or any attendants
  • Any special requirements, such as wheelchairs, walkers, etc.

The Runabout, Shuttles and Dial-A-Rides will take you from one specific location to another as long as you have called in advance and made a reservation for curb-to-curb service; however, you will be riding with many other people.  Although Runabouts and Dial-A-Rides provide curb-to-curb service, it is still a public transit service. All other passengers on the bus must be picked up and dropped off also. This could cause a time delay in your trip. Runabouts and Dial-A-Rides are not intended to be a taxi service.

 How Long Will the Bus Wait for a Passenger?
The bus will wait five (5) minutes for a person who uses a wheelchair and/or a Senior and three (3) minutes for everyone else. StaRT does not prioritize rides based upon trip purpose.
 How Long Will the Passenger Wait for a Shuttle, Runabout or Dial-A-Ride?
It is important for the passenger to realize that a bus has half hour window around their scheduled pick up time. The bus may be there 15 (fifteen) minutes before their scheduled pick up time or 15 (fifteen) minutes after their scheduled pick up time.
 Shuttle, Runabout and Dial-A-Ride Subscription Service 
Shuttle, Runabout curb-to-curb and Dial-A-Ride passengers may book rides in advance for regular appointments or regularly scheduled destinations. This is an aspect of the Shuttle, Runabout and Dial-A-Ride services (only) which allows passengers to guarantee seating on a repetitive basis over an extended period of time without having to make more than one call.
  • If possible, subscription rides/passengers should not be more than 50% of the bus seating capacity at any time.
  • Passengers are responsible for calling and canceling a subscription ride. Failure to do so will result in a No Show Notice. This is critical to maintain open seats on the daily service.
  • Canceling an initial ride does not cancel a second return ride.
  • If a passenger no-shows an initial ride on a round trip the return ride is automatically cancelled.
 No Show and Cancellation Procedures for Shuttles, Runabout and Dial-A-Rides
If you don't need a ride after you have scheduled one, please call and cancel as soon as possible, but no less than two (2) hours before the scheduled pick-up time. Reservations canceled with less than two hours notice are considered a "No-Show". "No-Shows" or those who do not cancel two (2) hours prior to the scheduled pick-up time will be charged.

Three "No-Shows" in a year will be cause for suspension of Shuttle, Runabout or Dial-A-Ride service for thirty (30) days. 

Passengers who fail to cancel three separate scheduled rides:

  • Before the two hour period
  • Without reasonable cause
  • Within a one year period, will receive a 30-day suspension of rider eligibility. A formal progression of notification precedes any action to suspend eligibility.

Prior to formal suspension a series of warning notices will be issued.

First Warning
A first letter of notification will be sent to the passenger, noting the date and time of the passenger’s no-show. The letter will inform the passenger that three no-shows within a one-year period are the basis for a 30-day suspension of rider eligibility.

Second Warning
A second letter of notification will be sent to the passenger, noting the date and time of the passenger’s first and second no-shows. The no-show policy of rider eligibility will be restated.

A third letter of notification will be sent to the passenger, noting the date and time of the passenger’s third no-show and two previous no-shows. This letter will notify the passenger of a 30-day suspension of their rider eligibility.

Passengers are responsible for fares for their no-show rides, and outstanding balances must be paid in full before rider eligibility can be restored.

Any passenger who wishes to appeal a no-show notice may contact the Stanislaus Regional Transit Operations Manager at (209) 527-3206.

 Rules of the Bus
California Penal Code Section 640 prohibits:
  • Evasion of payment of the fares of the system.
  • Misuse of transfers, passes, or tickets with the intent to evade the payment of fares.
  • Playing sound equipment (without earphones) in or on system facilities or buses.
  • Smoking, eating, or drinking in or on system facilities or buses.
  • Expectorating upon system facilities or buses.
  • Willfully disturbing others in or on system facilities or buses by engaging in boisterous or
    unruly behavior.
  • Writing, spraying, scratching, or otherwise affixing graffiti in or on system facilities or buses.
  • Weapons of any kind on the buses.
  • Soliciting in or on system facilities or buses.

Passengers who violate Penal Code Section 640 may receive a fine up to $250 and community service time up to 48 hours. Violators must pay for the cleanup, repair, or replacement of equipment damaged by the prohibited acts.

Passengers must also follow these rules:

  • No alcohol beverages or illegal substances are allowed.
  • No littering in or on buses or bus stop facilities.
  • No animals allowed (except for service animals permitted by the ADA).
  • Standing passengers must stand behind the "standee" line. No standing or walking in the aisle when the bus is moving.
  • Carriages, strollers and recreational scooters must be folded and out of the aisle.
  • Shoes & shirts must be worn on the bus. Roller Blades may not be worn.
  • No profanity (swearing or cursing) allowed.
  • Food and beverages must be in closed containers and carried in bags but may not be consumed on the buses.
  • No more than three (3) bags per each paying passenger. All bags must be able to be stored safely on the floor between seats or on your lap and must not leak.
  • For Safety, passengers are expected to sit upright in their seats.

Any Passenger violating the rules may be asked to leave the bus and may be reported to the nearest police or sheriff agency. Passengers violating the rules may have their riding privileges temporarily or permanently revoked.

 Shopping Bag, Packages & Strollers Policy 
No more than three (3) bags for each paying passenger. All items must be in the bags and may not be loaded above the top of the bags. All bags must be able to be stored safely on the floor between seats or on your lap and must not leak. Carriages, strollers and recreational scooters must be folded and out of the aisle.

Some passengers will be carrying strollers, infant carriers, suitcases and/or packages. When possible, drivers may assist passengers in making sure that all carried on items are properly stored. Drivers may require the passenger to hold the item on their lap. When de-boarding, passengers with carried on materials may have to wait until the other passengers have de-boarded to retrieve their stored items.

 Senior 65 + and Persons with Disabilities Discount Card Information

In order to be eligible for a StaRT Senior/Persons with Disabilities Discount Card, you must be sixty-five (65) years of age or over, or have a disability. To request an application form, call (800) 252-1516.  You may also call StaRT's customer comment line at (800) 668-5600 and leave your name and address and an application form will be mailed to you.  You may also download the application form - Download Discount Card Application Form (104KB - needs Adobe Acrobat Reader view)

Return or mail the completed application to Stanislaus Regional Transit, Stanislaus County Public Works Department, Transit Division, 1010 10th Street, Suite 4204, Modesto, CA 95354.  If you are eligible, a StaRT Senior/Person with Disability Discount Card will be mailed to you within 21 days.

To receive a discounted fare for Stanislaus Regional Transit (StaRT) services, passengers are required to show a StaRT Senior/Person with Disability Discount card to the driver. The discount cardholder may be required to show a photo ID along with the discount card in order to get the discount.

StaRT recognizes any valid proof of eligibility for the senior or person with disability discount.

 Wheelchair Size & Weight Guidelines and Electric Powered Mobility Devices Policy
Wheelchair lifts on the vans or buses are designed to lift common wheelchairs that do not exceed thirty (30) inches by forty-eight (48) inches, measured two (2) inches off the ground. The maximum weight restriction is six hundred (600) pounds (chair and occupant).

Stanislaus Regional Transit (StaRT) Policy Regarding Transporting Persons Who Use Electric Powered Mobility Devices. Click Here to Download the .PDF.

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