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StaRT Busses
Route 15 (Modesto to Turlock) Weekday Schedule
Modesto >>
1 Transit Center —- 6:44 7:44 8:49 10:19 11:49 1:19 2:49 4:19 5:34 6:49 8:49
Route Name and Schedule Indicator (indicates Weekday or Saturday schedule)
Bus Route Flow Indicator (indicates cities the bus will travel through)
Bus Stops: Scheduled drop off and pick up locations indicated by a numbered, colored circles which correspond to the same numbered colored circles on the route map
Scheduled departure times from the corresponding stop (Times shown in Bold are PM)
This symbol indicates a Bike&Ride route (buses have bike racks).
This symbol indicates that the buses on this route are mobility device accessible.
You will find these symbols on the map pages throughout this Ride Guide.