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StaRT Busses

How To Ride

Q: How do I know when the right bus comes along?

A: The bus route number is at the top front of every StaRT bus and on the side window next to the front door.

Q: How do I get a bus to stop for me?

A: When the bus you want approaches, stand and wait near the curb as you signal the driver to stop. Please be at the StaRT bus stop at last five (5) minutes before the bus is scheduled to arrive.

Q: How do I pay my fare?

A: StaRT offers a number of ways to pay your bus fare: Cash, Fare Cards, and now offering 1-Day and 31-Day Passes!

Please have your payment method ready when boarding. If you are paying by cash, just put your fare into the fare box when you board. Fareboxes accept paper money and coins. If change is owed, the farebox will issue a change card.

Q: Where do I sit?

A: Get comfortable and take a seat, or find poles throughout the bus to hold onto if you are standing. Please reserve seats at the front of every bus for senior citizens and persons with disabilities. There are also flip seats at the front for riders in wheelchairs.

Q: How do I get off the bus?

A: As the bus nears your stop, pull the cord above the windows. This signals the driver to stop at the next stop. Please exit the bus through the rear doors.

Q: Can I get a transfer?

A: Transfers are available to passengers who need to switch buses to complete their trips on fixed routes. Passengers may only request one transfer per paid fare. Transfers are .25 cents to riders between MAX (Modesto Area Express), CAT (Ceres Area Transit), Ceres Dial-A-Ride, Turlock Transit and eTrans (Escalon Transit).

Transfers are valid for three (3) hours from the time of issue and two (2) hours on Turlock Transit. Please request your transfer from the bus driver when boarding the bus and paying your fare.