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Employer Pass Program

What is the Employer Pass Program?

The Stanislaus Regional Transit (StaRT) has transportation options available for employers and employees of businesses in Stanislaus County. The Employer Pass program allows employees of participating companies to purchase a transit pass through payroll deduction.

StaRT can help with transportation challenges your employees face. The StaRT employer Pass Program offers a convenient, cost-saving option to encourage employees to use public transportation to and from work. It is a partnership between StaRT and an employer that establishes a company-wide pass program built on savings, convenience, and reliability.

The 31 Day StaRT Employer Pass is an incentive program that allows businesses to provide their employees with a 31 day bus pass on site. To be eligible, businesses must have five (5) or more employees interested in using transit.

The program is very simple. Every month StaRT will mail your business five (5) or more Stanislaus County Employer Passes along with an invoice. These passes are then provided to your employees at cost, no cost, or at a reduced rate, depending on whether your business wishes to subsidize the passes.

Employees can use the pass for unlimited rides on StaRT’s fixed route buses for commuting to and from work.

You Can’t Fail with the Employer Pass

The 31 Day Adult pass – $46.00

Unlimited rides for just $46.00 a month and there is no need to pay extra for transfers.

Participating in the program is a good way to pass the savings on to your staff or give the passes to employees as a tax-free transit benefit.

How Does it Help Employees?

  • Dependable and affordable transportation to and from work
  • More money in their pockets
  • More time to relax, read, or chat during their commutes
  • Helping to improve the air quality in Stanislaus County

What are some of the Potential Benefits?

In addition to less wear and tear on their personal cars, your employees may be able to reduce annual fuel consumption, minimize the cost of maintaining their vehicles, and reduce annual vehicle miles. Additionally, there are federal initiatives that offer more benefits to employees that choose to ride the bus to and from work.

Federal law entitles all employers under Internal Revenue Code Section 132(f)(4) Title IX, Section 910 of TEA-21 to deduct business expense of up to $105 per employee per month for the cost of using public transportation.

This law allows employers to offer their employees a choice between current or future compensation, and “qualified transportation fringes”, which include transit, vanpool or qualified parking benefits.

Who is Eligible?

  • Private employers
  • Non-profit organizations
  • Public agencies
  • Federal government (including military)

What Can Employers Offer?

Offer employees these choices:

Tax-Free Benefit – Employers may subsidize transit or vanpool fares up to $105 per month, and get a full tax deduction and you do not pay payroll taxes.

Pre-Tax Benefit – Employees can use up to $105 per month or $1,260 per year of their gross income. The program is easier to administer since pre-tax use of employees’ salary is not subject to restrictions.

Share the Tax Benefit – Employers may also combine both options by providing a tax-free amount. It is a win-win situation for employees and employers.

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